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About TandM Works

Drawing from an extensive travel and food industry background, TandM Works is a food, beverage, and travel industry content developer.  We curate for travel series, build culinary destination guides, create food and beverage tours, and develop a regional voice for media companies and destinations around the globe. We’ve worked with tourism boards, James Beard award winning writers, media companies, wine distributors, and large scale festivals to help develop their story.


Who We Are


Maggie Rosenberg


Maggie is a curator and culinary localization expert. She is devoted to global street food, artisan specialties, and marketplaces. Through her degree in Anthropology, widespread travels, and career in the F&B industry, she developed the skills to help brands tell their culinary story.


Trevor Hagstrom


Trevor is a writer with a masters degree in Media Studies. He has diverse experience in food/beverage/hospitality.  His vocation and passion is capturing flavors and places with words. Not just any flavors, but authentic food and beverages with a sense of place. He will go anywhere to find them: the stranger the better. 

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